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Nippon Paper orders yet another Metso Pulp Expert automatic pulp laboratory

Nippon Paper orders yet another Metso Pulp Expert automatic pulp laboratory

Metso Corporation's trade press release on November 11, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. EET

Metso Pulp Expert plays a major role in achieving better and more uniform pulp contributing to improved paper quality and stable runnability.

Nippon Paper has ordered a Metso Pulp Expert automatic pulp laboratory for its Yatsushiro integrated pulp and paper mill in Japan. This makes a total of three Pulp Experts purchased by Nippon Paper during 2014. The first, delivered to the Iwakuni mill in spring 2014, will be followed by a second start-up at Nippon Paper's Ishinomaki mill in December. Start-up for the Yatsushiro Pulp Expert, installed in the mill laboratory, is scheduled for January 2015. The automated pulp laboratory will be equipped with measurement modules for fiber/shives, brightness with spectrophotometer, tensile and tear. The mill expects to save considerable time and resources in routine pulp quality tests as well as facilitating further research and development in pulp processing.

The Metso Pulp Expert automates many routine pulp quality measurements to significantly enhance testing frequency and accuracy enabling laboratory personnel to concentrate on more challenging process development tasks. Pulp Expert plays a major role in achieving better and more uniform pulp leading to improved paper quality and stable runnability. It can automatically take samples and, depending on measurement modules installed, reliably test consistency, drainage, strength properties, porosity, bulk, optical properties and fiber length from different locations in the process.

About Nippon Paper

The Nippon Paper Group is a Japanese paper manufacturing company consistently listed among the world's top ten pulp and paper industry companies. With more than 20 mills in Japan, the company's products include communication papers, board and household paper products. Leveraging technologies that expand the possibilities for paper and technologies that make efficient use of wood resources, Nippon Paper engages in multifaceted activities that support lifestyle and industry, while transforming itself into a comprehensive biomass business.

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