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Metso introduces a new generation of crusher upgrades that aim to increase productivity by up to 30%

Metso introduces a new generation of crusher upgrades that aim to increase productivity by up to 30%

Metso Corporation's trade press release on April 19, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. EET

Metso is launching a new generation of upgrades that aim to increase the productivity of old crusher models, while also reducing maintenance costs and bringing equipment into line with enhanced safety practices.

The new upgrades are available for Symons and Nordberg cone crushers, and Superior gyratory crushers. They are offered in packages that are easy to take into use; every kit includes clear installation instructions or alternatively Metso can provide the customer with a field service team for support or for the complete installation.

"Metso understands the tough nature of the current mining market for our customers, so we made it our goal to design a new generation of crusher upgrades that would enable them to generate more ROI without the need for expensive capital investments. The close collaboration with our customers allowed us to develop these great products that not only will help them to bolster their bottom line, but also lead to a safer job site" explains Jaakko Huhtapelto, Sales Development Director for Metso's Spare Parts.

The new offering

The new generation of upgrades can be fitted to several of Metso's heritage branded crusher models. The complete range has been specifically designed for the mining market and includes:

Symons cone crushers

  • Advanced bowl adjustment control
  • Hydraulic motor bowl adjustment system
  • Hydraulic tramp release and clearing system

Nordberg HP800 and MP cone crushers

  • Jack screw locking nut
  • Top mount clamp cylinder
  • Heavy duty head
  • MP1250 retrofit kit
  • Head maintenance stand

Superior gyratory crushers

  • Super spider
  • Arched spider
  • Shimmed spider bushing
  • Hydraulic shell separators
  • Dual balance cylinder

For users that implement the upgrades, productivity can be improved through increased product rate capability, easier setting adjustments, better crusher reliability and reduced bridging from oversized materials. Maintenance can be reduced through the improved lifetime of components, more reliable crushing and easier maintenance procedures. Safety can be heightened through better maintenance practices, reduced stoppages from bridging, and the usage of automatic or remote settings.

Metso upgrades help customers get more out of their existing crushers at a cost that is lower than purchasing a new machine.

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