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More energy from refuse-derived fuel and less downtime with Metso's new fine-shredders

More energy from refuse-derived fuel and less downtime with Metso's new fine-shredders

Metso Corporation's press release on April 13, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. EET

Generating energy from waste is more efficient when the produced fuel has an optimal composition. Metso's two new high-tech fine-shredders, M&J FineShred 1550 and M&J FineShred 3550, ensure that waste used in the production of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) has just the right size and shape for maximized energy output.

"These new shredders have an unbeatable price performance and an extremely stable and homogeneous output, which increases the value of RDF," says Uffe Hansen, SVP, Metso Waste Recycling.

For ideal RDF production, Metso's new fine-shredders are equipped with a single shredding shaft with vertical feed by a pusher. The patented knife system and carefully engineered pusher generate less heat, and minimal downtime in production is secured with durable parts and easy access for maintenance.

"Our goal was to create a premium shredder with vertical feed. Its great force is that it can shred almost any material down to a very small scale and ensure a completely uniform result without crumbs," says Johannes Kjærsgaard, Manager Technology Development, Metso Waste Recycling.

The new M&J FineShred 1550 and M&J FineShred 3550 deliver a throughput of up to 17 tons per hour and an output from 10-100 mm. The products are available and supported globally.

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Metso is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, Finland, and had net sales of about EUR 2.9 billion in 2015. Metso employs over 12,000 persons in more than 50 countries. Expect results., 

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