Making the big difference for your apron feeders


You aim for increased production from your apron feeder with higher availability and better machine reliability. However,  dealing with costly downtime for maintenance and spending time trying to soucrce hard to find obsolete parts can pose challenges. Metso’s apron feeder parts, upgrades, repairs and refurbishments can help you to achieve your aims with smoother operations.

The details make the difference

Detailed drawings and accurate information on original specifications for your apron feeders make the big difference in guaranteeing proper design and fit. With additional capabilities for 3rd party equipment, Metso brings technical and machine know-how together with high-quality components and service to safeguard your machines and maximize the life of your equipment. Metso can also help you to decide what is the best option for your specific application, whether it is replacing worn out parts with standard spares or whether a selective upgrade or refurbishment would be an option to improve your operations.

Spare and wear parts

All Metso replacement parts are OEM and designed to meet the precise specifications of the components of your feeders. Original equipment replacement parts ensure proper fit and function and include certified replacement parts across our entire range of products. Our global sourcing also helps make sure you get quality parts that are cost-effective and available when you need them.

Upgrades and refurbishments

Metso can offer cost-effective components and parts to repair, modernize and upgrade your machine, bringing it back to its original capabilities. Enjoy a fast payback, simplified maintenance and spare part requirements, as well as boosted availability and performance. Some key upgrades that can make the difference for your apron feeders are upgrades to your main drive and head shaft assembly, newer cast manganese pans, improved SALT (sealed and lubricated track) chains and modular rollers among others. Each upgrade addresses a particular issue with the aim of minimizing maintenance, improving the availability of spare parts and allowing you to get the most out of your apron feeder.  With a Metso audit or evaluation of your apron feeder, we can help you map out your options and find the solution that works for you.


  • Increased availability due to fewer stoppages for service and easier sourcing of spares
  • Improved reliability with OEM grade parts
  • Reduced maintenance issues with upgraded parts
  • Maximized safety with specialized safety accesories

Multiple brands served

As your OEM expert, Metso offers the right support, service and top quality equipment and components. Through our heritage trademarks, we have over 100 years of equipment experience with multiple models and brands.

Metso is the sole owner of the original drawings and product specifications to previously sold OEM brands. In addition to metso equipment, we own the drawings for brands such as: Stephens Adamsom, Nico & Svedala

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