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Wouldn’t it be more efficient to have one supplier for all your conveyor needs? Metso provides just that, with the most complete and versatile range of conveyor parts on the market to maximize the efficiency and safety of your conveyor operations. Whatever belt conveyor you operate, we have everything you need.


The most complete product range on the market to maximize output and safety of your conveyor operations.

One-stop partner

Dedicated to keeping your operation as productive and profitable as possible.


Performance you can rely on – at the lowest cost-per-ton achievable.

Reduced downtime

Smart, simple design that makes conveyor parts efficient, rugged and maintenance friendly.

Versatile conveyor solutions and durable parts reduce downtime and increase conveyor lifetime

Conveyors are a crucial factor in mining, aggregate and industrial operations, underpinning efficiency and – ultimately – profitability. Just like the circulatory systems in our bodies and the currents in the ocean, they move resources from one point to another.

Downtime costs money

If conveyor transportation fails, the whole system fails – making your business vulnerable to the heavy cost and inconvenience of downtime. Optimized conveyor parts reduce the risk of failure and cut unplanned downtime, resulting in increased production capacity.  

One-stop partner

Metso is a one-stop partner, when it comes to spare parts and wear parts for conveyors, dedicated to keeping your operation as productive and profitable as possible.

We help you get full value from your conveyors by analyzing and eliminating potential failure modes and proposing the right parts and materials to extend the lifetime of your conveyors.

Offering options for any application, all parts are quality engineered for maximum performance and reliability in the world’s most challenging climates and terrains. The product range is backed by a commitment to service and ongoing optimization that insures your conveyor solutions deliver performance you can rely on – at the lowest cost-per-ton achievable.


How to deal with common conveyor challenges? 


Conveyors typically operate in really demanding conditions: a dirty environment, intense heat, moisture and very low temperatures. If poorly maintained, a conveyor may experience rapid belt wear and component failure, of components, with consequent stoppages and downtime and with a corresponding negative impact on productivity and profits.

Here, we take a close look at some of the most common challenges conveyors face and propose ways to handle them.


Conveyor carryback occurs when small quantities of material stick to surfaces or get caught in voids and are transported back to their source. Some materials, such as sticky clay and certain mineral ores, are more prone to carryback than others. And while the amount of carryback may seem negligible, over time it adds up to tonnes of material that must be taken care of a second time, which adds costs.

In response, Metso offers a range of belt cleaning systems, with cleaners that remove potential carryback from the material-facing surface of the belt as it comes around the head pulley


Mistracking refers to problems such as belt misalignment – i.e. when the belt starts to ride off or cut into the conveyor frame. It can destroy the belt and the conveyor structure or components, and also lead to spillage. There are many causes of mistracking, including exceeded belt tolerances, off-centre loading, material build-up on rollers and pulleys, misadjustment, the structure of the conveyor system itself, and even side-winds, rain, snow or ice.

To address this problem, Metso offers belt guiding systems that sense and correct mistracking before it does any damage. With such a system in place, maintenance costs can be minimized.


Spillage of material usually occurs during the loading and unloading of a conveyor but can also occur during transport. One risk during loading is that the impact of falling materials exceeds what the conveyor can absorb, causing damage to the conveyor belt and components.

Another risk is spillage that occurs when the loading zone is not tightly sealed. Waste product and dust can fall on the ground, get into the conveyor components and cause damage. During transport, spillage is often caused by mistracking or leakage.

Metso’s belt guiding, sealing and loading systems address these issues with proven, industry-leading solutions.


Slippage occurs when a belt does not move at the same rate as the pulleys that drive it. This can be extremely serious, as it is accompanied by skidding of the belt against the pulleys, which generates friction and heat, and which can, in the worst-case scenario, start a fire. Major causes of slippage can be inadequate friction between the belt and pulley, differences in humidity and temperature, belt and pulley wear, and insufficient belt tension.

Metso’s pulley lagging systems include composite materials (consisting of both rubber and ceramics) and normal rubber for pulleys. These solve the problem of inadequate friction.


Dust is related to spillage. Where there are leaks there will be dust. This is a serious issue for operators, who might inhale the dust if they are not wearing masks. It is also bad for equipment and vehicles at the site, since dust can enter the mechanical moving parts and cause wear and clogging.

All the Metso systems and accessories that address spillage, misalignment and sealing, for example Metso's sealing systems, have the added benefit of controlling dust.

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