Conveyor adhesives.

Conveyor adhesives

Secure bond between two materials

Our goal is to help customers protect their expensive conveying equipment and extend its service life. Metso adhesive systems – consisting of primer and glue contribute to this ambition by making it possible to securely line vulnerable steel or rubber surfaces with an additional layer of protective rubber.
Trellex Greenbond

Trellex Greenbond properties and features

Greenbond is a strong, reliable adhesive for gluing rubber to steel or rubber to rubber. When attaching pulley lagging, for example, it is important to have a secure bond between the two materials. Similarly, when you splice a conveyor belt, the splice must be strong and reliable to enable smooth-running, problem-free production.

Material properties

Greenbond gives a strong bond between any rubber and steel surfaces or even two rubber surfaces. When rubber is glued down with Greenbond, it adheres tightly to the contact surface, thereby minimising damage to your capital equipment.

Special features

Greenbond is free from trichloroethylene and its associated health risks.



Trellex Greenbond technical description.
Trellex Greenbond technical description

Material: Polychloroprene rubber

Solvents: Ethyl acetate/naphtha/acetone

Density: 0.8g /cm3

Colour: Black

Pot life: Approx. 3-5 hours

Consumption: 0.35 l/m2

Shelf life: 18 months at room temperature, after date of production


Trellex Greenbond technical specifications

Trellex Steelprimer P5

Trellex Steelprimer P5 properties

Trellex Steelprimer P5 is to be used between rubber and metal before cold-bonding. It improves the adhesion between rubber and metal and also protects the metal surface from rust.

Material properties

To get a good bonding surface, there is no substitute for this tried and tested steel primer. P5 was developed to work optimally with Greenbond adhesive. When the two products are used together the result is a bond with the absolute maximum strength.



Trellex Steelprimer P5 technical description.
Steelprimer P5 technical description

Density: 0.85 g/cm3

Colour: Black

Consumption: 0.20 l/m2

Trellex Steelprimer P5 technical specifications

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