Conveyor belt plows.

Conveyor belt plows

Keeps your tail pulley safe

Conveyor belt plow dislodges unwanted materials off the underside of a conveyor belt as it returns. This way, the V-shaped plow keeps your belt and tail pulley safe from harm while preventing belt misalignment.
Trellex ABC-V-Plow

Trellex ABC-V-Plow properties and features

Following on from 100s of successful installations in the US and Canada, we decided to take the Trellex ABC-V-Plow global. Now available in both imperial and metric measures, this V-shaped plow dislodges unwanted materials off the underside of your belt as it returns. In this way, it keeps your valuable belt and tail pulley safe from harm, while also efficiently preventing belt misalignment. In fact, the Trellex ABC-V-Plow protects your equipment so reliably, it pays for itself many times over.

Material properties

The ABC V-plow’s 25mm (1”) thick blades are made of 90 Shore A PU, a polyurethane that’s engineered for effective scraping and a long service life. The V-plow’s blades can be turned over and re-installed when worn out, effectively doubling their lifetime.

Special features

A smart frame design allows for easy installation without welding. The plow is first attached to the conveyor frame, then the blades are bolted onto the plow. This design also makes it easy to replace worn blades when needed. The plow blades are kept as close to the belt as possible, ensuring uniform contact pressure between them and the belt during operation. As they become worn, the blades automatically move down, ensuring a steady pressure is always applied.

Trellex ABC-V-Plow technical description.
Trellex ABC-V-Plow technical description

Material: Polyurethane
Colour: Yellow/Blue
Density: 1.19 g/cm³
Hardness: 90 Shore A 
Temperature in dry air:  -30 °C to +70 °C
Construction material: Steel


Belt speed: Max 5 m/s (1000 FPM)
Belt direction: One way
Belt width: 500-2400 mm (18”-96”)

Trellex ABC-V-Plow technical specifications

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