Conveyor skirting systems

For a wide range of conveyors and skirting mounts.

The purpose of conveyor skirting system is to control spillage and dust on a conveyor belt. Metso designs, manufactures and installs skirting systems for a wide range of conveyors.

Control spillage and dust

Improved safety of the working environment.


Works with a wide range of conveyors and skirting mounts.

Easy maintenance

Fully serviceable from the outside.

Long-lasting and effective conveyor skirting systems

Conveyor skirting supplied by Metso can be manufactured from metallic lines, rubber or polyurethane. Soft skirts made from rubber or polyurethane materials are available in a wide range of gauges, widths, hardness and profiles.

Control spillage and dust

Wamskirt™ is Metso’s externally manageable conveyor skirting  system designed to:

  • Reduce risk of manual handling injuries
  • Eliminate confined space requirements
  • Control spillage
  • Control dust
  • Retrofit different skirting environments
  • Provide access for inspection and maintenance


Wamskirt™ can be retrofitted into most skirting environments. The adjustable wear liners seal and stop large particles whilst the secondary seal captures any residual fine particles.

Wamskirt™ has been tested in many mining applications and proven to be durable, safe to use, and easy-to-access. The standard Wamskirt™ system has a narrow installation height (290 mm) but modules are also also fully customisable to specificdimensions and liner configurations,  as well as being adaptable to different mounting systems so it can be easily retrofitted into most skirting environments.

Metso’s Wamskirt™ skirting system utilizes fully adjustable metallic primary wear liners that direct the flow and a rubber or urethane secondary dust seal that captures dust and fine particles.

Easy maintenance

Liners inside the skirt wall are fully maintainable from outside the transfer station. Each removable module and liner weighs less than 20 kg making removal and installation a safe, one-person task.

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