Trellex ABC-ONE90

Conveyor belt primary cleaner

The ABC-ONE90 is suitable for many applications in construction (mediumduty, e.g. limestone) and mining (light-duty, e.g. sand and gravel).The tensioner/mainframe is compatible with our ABC-ONE70, and the product is also compatible with a huge installed base of other manufacturers’ cleaners and mainframes.

Trellex ABC-ONE90 conveyor belt primary cleaner's properties and features

Material properties

This basic standard product is made of two polyurethane materials, only one of which is in contact with the belt. The stronger polyurethane makes the product structurally stable, so it does not need steel inserts.

Special features

The cleaner’s serrated edge ensures the tool stays sharp to the end of its service life. At that point, you can dispose of the tool safely simply by incineration, without needing to separate any steel.

Technical description

Material: Polyurethane
Colour: Yellow
Density: 1.19 g/cm3
Hardness: 90 Shore A
Temperature in dry air: -30 °C to +70 °C
Tensioner: Steel


Belt speed: < 3.5 m/s
Head pulley dia: Ø 300-600 mm
BW12”/300-48”/1200 mm Type O Single,
BW 54”/1350-70”/1750 mm Type O Double

Technical specifications

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