Trellex ABC70

Conveyor belt primary cleaner

The ABC70 is suitable for applications with materials that are very abrasive (e.g. iron ore) or tend to adhere to the belt (e.g. clay). The combination of softness and strength is the world’s best for these kinds of applications in this size category.

Trellex ABC70 conveyor belt primary cleaner's properties and features

Material properties

The ABC70 is made of two different kinds of polyurethane. The soft blue edge is specially engineered for use in belt cleaners, where greater softness extends the service life.

The edge is moulded to the much harder yellow part, which provides structural strength and rigidity. The result is a stable, long-lasting and effective cleaner.

Special features

The cleaner’s dual-hardness function comprises a desirable combination of softness and stability that delivers an extended service life because the softness of the material helps it conform to the belt surface.

The cleaner edge is serrated to ensure the tool stays sharp to the end of its service life.

The product is segmented rather than continuous, enabling the segments to move individually and making it easy to join them together.

The tensioner and mainframe are compatible with our ABC90 and ABC95, so you always have an option to test other polyurethane materials if necessary (e.g. a 90 shore material would be sufficient during a dry period).

Technical description

Material: Polyurethane
Colour: Blue/Yellow
Density: 1.19 g/cm3
Hardness: 70 Shore A/65 Shore D
Temperature in dry air: -30 °C to +70 °C
Tensioner/cassette: Steel/aluminium


Belt speed: < 3.5 m/s
Head pulley dia: Ø 350-600 m
Tensioner: BW500(24”)-1200(48”) Type S Single, BW(54”)-2000 (84”)Type S Double

Technical specifications

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