Conveyor belt secondary cleaners

The right cleaner lasts longer

Secondary cleaners are used to remove the fines. Many conveyors can be satisfactorily cleaned with a primary and a secondary cleaner, but to achieve higher efficiency some applications need additional secondary cleaners.


Reliable Performance

The conveyor belt secondary cleaners are made for use in the toughest mining applications. They have a reliable performance even under extreme conditions. 

Longer Lifetime

Thanks to a super-fine tungsten carbide blade, these cleaners provides the very best performance when handling abrasive materials. It is completely invulnerable to damage from coarse or sharp material, and therefore offers a very long lifetime.


A hardened steel blade makes this cleaner a cost-effective option for handling non-abrasive materials. Also the cleaners sit at 90 degrees to the belt surface, which practically eliminates - the risk of damaging the belt.

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