Trellex ABC Belt Brush

Conveyor belt secondary cleaner

This brush is ideal for cleaning cleated belts, helping maintain a clean surface without damaging the belt’s profile. It is also a good complement to cleaners on standard smooth belts where fine, dry materials are being conveyed.

Trellex ABC Belt Brush conveyor belt secondary cleaner's properties and features

Material properties

Our brushes are made of high-quality, hardwearing nylon. We also offer brushes made with a combination of nylon and steel for use in the glass recycling industry. A central core of lightweight plastic (polypropylene) makes installation and section replacements easy.



Special features

The brush tube consists of 150 mm long modules. This saves on replacement parts, as well as giving complete size flexibility and guaranteeing availability. For a larger belt, just add more sections. The belt brush is driven by a fully encapsulated drum motor. This is not only a space-efficient alternative to an external motor but also
highly reliable since no dust or dirt can enter and interfere with its mechanical moving parts.

Technical description

Material: Nylon/steel/polypropylene
Belt speed: <2.5 m/s (<500 fpm)
Belt width: 500-1800 mm
Temperature: -25 °C to +40 °C

Technical specifications

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