Trellex ABC-T-HMS-RU

Conveyor belt secondary cleaner

Suitable for abrasive applications in mining and aggregates.

Trellex ABC-T-HMS RU conveyor belt secondary cleaner's properties and features

Material properties

Thanks to a super-fine tungsten carbide blade, this cleaner provides the very best performance when handling abrasive materials. It is completely invulnerable to damage from coarse or sharp material, and therefore offers a very long lifetime. The blade is moulded into soft rubber so each cleaner section can move flexibly and work independently from others in the row.


Special features

With a Trellex ABC-T-HMS RU, your conveyor belt is safe. The cleaner sits at 90 degrees to the belt surface, which dramatically reduces – practically eliminates - the risk of damaging the belt. Additionally, if the belt surface is slightly uneven, the soft rubber construction yields naturally to prevent damage, either to the belt or the cleaner itself. The cleaner can be installed both inside and outside the chute.

Technical Description

Material: NR Rubber with a tungsten carbide tip
Colour: Black
Density: 1.12 g/cm3
Hardness: 60 Shore A/HV30-1600
Temperature in dry air: -30 °C to +80 °C
Tensioner/cassette: Steel/aluminium

Belt speed: < 3.5 m/s
BW500 – 1200 mm Type Z
BW1400 – 2000 mm Type Z-HD

Technical Specifications

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