Trellex ABC LX-Tensioner - H

Conveyor belt primary tensioner

Designed for heavy-duty applications like hard rock mining. This tensioner is used with our giant pre-cleaning cleaner blades to provide the right pressure to optimise the belt-cleaning function.

Properties and features: Trellex ABC LX - Tensioner - H

Material properties

Made of powder dip-coated steel, up to 20 mm thick, this robust tensioner has a very long service life. It can even withstand the impact of heavy rocks bouncing back up from the chute.

Special features

The spring and the rotation disk in this tensioner are joined by a wire, which is 5 m as standard but can be much longer if necessary. This means that if your installation point is hard to access, the tensioner can be placed on the service platform at a distance from the rotation point, and it is still easy to adjust the pressure.

A unique, optional feature of this tensioner is the antirollback device. Placed on the rotation axis, it prevents the blade from aquaplaning and being pushed away from the belt.

Technical description

  • For pre-cleaners: Trellex ABC90-HD-LX
  • BW 3000
  • Standard: Steel/aluminium (Stainless steel SS as option)
  • Powder dip-coated

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