Trellex ABC S-Tensioner - L/M

Conveyor belt primary tensioner

For llight- to medium-duty applications. Suitable for use with pre-cleaning cleaner blades, this tensioner provides the right pressure to optimise the belt cleaning function. This tensioner is recommended for use with all the following cleaners ABC70, ABC90, ABC95, ABC70HD, ABC90HD and ABC pre HMS.

Properties and features: Trellex ABC S - Tensioner - L/M

Material properties

Built of 8 mm galvanized steel, this robust tensioner has a long service life. Also available in stainless steel, on request.

Special features

The spring is encapsulated to protect it from damage, dust and dirt. It is easy to install and maintain and does not require re-tensioning during the blade’s wear life, which saves you time and effort and keeps unscheduled stops down to a minimum.

Encapsulation also eliminates the risk of operators injuring their hands in the pinch point.

Technical description

  • For pre-cleaners: Trellex ABC70, Trellex ABC90, Trellex ABC95, Trellex ABC-HMS, Trellex ABC70-HD, Trellex ABC90-HD
  • BW 500-2000
  • Standard: Steel/aluminum (Stainless steel SS as option)
  • Galvanized and powder dip-coated

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