Trellex ABC Z-HD-L-Tensioner - medium to heavy M/H

Conveyor belt secondary tensioner

The latest innovation in Metso secondary belt cleaning systems is the Trellex ABC Z-HD-L-Tensioner. It works together with the Trellex ABC-T-HMS-HD-L PU secondary cleaner to provide the right pressure and optimise the secondary cleaning function. Its compact design offers smart features for installation and blade changes – all gathered into one flexible, hardwearing product.

Properties and features: Trellex ABC Z-HD-L-Tensioner - medium to heavy M/H

Material properties

The standard Z-HD-L-Tensioner is powder dip-coated. For operations involving aggressive materials such as
salt or fertiliser, stainless steel can be requested.

Special features

Thanks to its compact design the Z-HD-L-Tensioner can fit onto almost any kind of conveyor. It’s easy to install, maintain and re-tension, which saves you time and effort and keeps unscheduled stops down to a minimum.

Technical description

  • For secondary cleaners: Trellex ABC-T-HMS-HD-L PU
  • BW 750-3000
  • Standard: Steel/aluminum
  • Option: Stainless steel SS

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