Conveyor idlers.

Conveyor idlers

A wide range of idlers for any conveying need

Idlers are vital to the conveying process. They support the belt and conveyed material along its full length preventing it from stretching, sagging and eventually failing. Conveyor idlers are often required to operate in harsh environments such as dirty, dusty, high humidity, and drastically high or low temperatures.
Carry idlers
Troughing idlers.
Troughing idlers

Troughers are the most common idlers used on the carry side of the conveyor.

Extending their life expectancy can be a challenge. Our proven seal design and low maintenance rollers lead to less downtime and increased profits.

Metso’s troughing idlers come in 20°, 35°, and 45° and meet all CEMA dimensional requirements.

Impact idlers.
Impact idlers

Damaged conveyor belts can result in downtime and high replacement costs.

Our impact idlers are designed to be used in impact areas where belt damage is common.

Impact rolls are designed with rubber tires which absorb impact forces minimizing belt damage.

Picking table idlers.
Picking table idlers

When conducting visual or magnetic inspections, conveyed materials that are not properly flattened can cause issues.

Metso’s picking table idlers spread the material out by using a longer center roll and short concentrator rolls angled at 20° making inspection or tramp iron detection easier and more reliable.

Flat belt idlers.
Flat belt idlers

In feeder applications, wide coverage is needed.

Metso provides a flat belt idler with a single roll placed horizontally supported on each end.

It has a rise bracket to provide the widest coverage while metering material flow.

Self-training idlers.
Self-training idlers

Material spillage can occur when conveyor belts become misaligned. Strategically placing self-training idlers along the conveyor keep the belt running true.

Metso’s self-trainers are like troughing idlers, but with the ability to pivot at the center and are guided by edge rollers which in turn aligns the belt.

Live shaft idlers.
Live shaft idlers

High belt tensions can cause idlers to fail. Live shaft idlers are designed to handle higher allowable loads than flat belt idlers.

Live shafts are comprised of a single roll with a pillow block bearing at each end.

Return Idlers
Flat return idlers

The flat return is the most common idler on the return side of a conveyor.

Metso’s flat returns support the belt to prevent stretching, sagging, and failure.

These idlers consist of a single steel roll mounted on two drop brackets.

Flat return idlers.
Rubber disc return idlers

A big concern in applications with sticky material is removing material that has become affixed to the belt.

Metso’s rubber disc returns assist by removing carryback.

The rubber disc returns are similar to the flat returns, but have rubber discs strategically placed along the roll, as opposed to a steel shell found on the flat returns.

Rubber disc return idlers.
V-return idlers

Aligning high tension fabric or cable belts can be problematic.

Metso’s v-return idlers provide a truer tracking belt and a longer life than standard flat returns. They consist of two rolls in a v-shaped profile of either
10° or 15°.

V-return idlers.
Self-training return idlers

Belt, structure, and component damage can all occur when conveyor belts become misaligned.

Self-training return idlers eliminate this concern by ensuring the belt is tracking true.

Metso’s self-trainers are like flat return idlers, but with the ability to pivot at the center guided by edge rollers which in turn aligns the belt.

Self-training return idlers.
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