Conveyor glide bars

Protect the conveyor belt and equipment from damage

Conveyor glide bars create a sealed surface against the conveyor belt, but being made partly of rubber, they also help absorb impacts. Designed for use on the troughed sides of the conveyor belt, glide bars support the edge of the belt and prevent sagging between the rollers, giving an even surface to seal against.

Trellex glide bars

Metso’s Trellex glide bars create a sealed surface against the conveyor belt and absorb impacts. Together with Trellex sealing systems, they do an efficient job of preventing dust and material spillage.

Material properties

Trellex glide bars consist of sandwiched polyethylene and rubber, bonded with a vulcanized aluminum profile for easy fixing with T-bolts. The yellow top layer is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which has low friction and good wear resistance. The rubber material beneath it can absorb some energy, which helps protects the conveyor belt and equipment from damage.

Special features

Trellex glide bars can be combined with Trellex impact bars on a cradle in the loading zone, or in lighter-weight applications on a formed plate that replaces the outer troughing rollers. A third option – called the Trellex glide bar cradle – is a special support where the angle, width and height are all adjustable.

Technical description

Material: Impact-absorbing rubber 57 Shore A
UHMWPE 1000 yellow
Fastening rail: Aluminium
T-bolt: TF35/25 M12 x 40/35 mm


Technical Specifications

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