Conveyor impact bars

Reinforced aluminum profile

Conveyor impact bars protect conveyors from impact damage. Metso’s Trellex impact bars are known for high performance and durability. They are most often utilized with Trellex Impact Cradle.

Trellex impact bars protect conveyors from impact damage

Designed for use with Trellex impact cradles, the impact bars were first invented by Metso about 30 years ago and they are still very popular products.

Although many other companies have created their own models, Metso sets the standard and still offers the most reliable way to protect conveyors from impact damage. No other product matches Metso’s impact bars in terms of performance and durability, and no more recent invention has rendered the impact bar obsolete.

Material properties

There are several good reasons to choose impact bars from Metso, the inventors of loading zone protectors. They begin with the choice of material. Our bars are made of high-grade polyethylene, which lowers friction and gives a good wear life; a special rubber compound engineered for absorbing impact; and a reinforced aluminum profile that is a full 71% stronger than earlier models.

Special features

Equally important is the method used for joining the materials together. Strong bonding techniques ensure that the impact bars stay intact over time. Moreover, the aluminum is vulcanized to the rubber making the bars easy to fasten with T-bolts. This product has the additional advantage of helping to support the conveyor belt around the sealing systems. And the absence of moving parts reduces the risk of pinching accidents, as well as making the system virtually maintenance-free.

Technical description

Material: Impact-absorbing rubber 57 Shore A
UHMWPE 1000 red
Fastening rail: Aluminium
T-bolt: TF35/25 M12x40/35 mm

Technical specifications

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