Conveyor impact cradles

Withstand high impact forces

Used in conjunction with impact bars, conveyor impact cradles give your loading zone long-lasting support and protection. Custom-built using modular standard components, each impact cradle Metso supplies is designed to fit the precise specifications of your individual conveyor.

Tailored Trellex impact cradles

Metso’s Trellex impact cradles are often utilized with Trellex impact bars. Cradles give your loading zone long-lasting support and protection.

Trellex impact cradles are custom-built using modular standard components. This gives you the best of all worlds – a cradle that matches your exact requirements but is cost-effective.

Material properties

Trellex cradles are made of a strong steel mounting that’s tough enough to withstand high impact forces. They are angled to stabilize the belt and maximize the sealing system’s performance.

Special features

The absence of moving parts effectively eliminates the most common problem of conventional idlers, i.e. seized rollers. The consequent increase in reliability reduces your costs and raises your productivity. Installation and maintenance are easy since our cradles can be slid in and out of position, reducing the typical replacement time from 3 hours to 30 minutes. This not only lowers costs but also reduces the risk of operator injuries.

Technical description

Construction material: Steel, S235JRG2 & S355N/M
Surface treatment: Powder-coated blue RAL5005

Technical specifications

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