Conveyor sealing systems

Prevent waste of product and protect from damage

Designed to safely seal the area where the chute meets the conveyor, Metso’s conveyor sealing systems prevent dust or material spillage.

Improve working environment with conveyor sealing

There are several obvious advantages to using a well-designed conveyor sealing system. It prevents waste of product and protects your equipment from damage. And most importantly of all, it prevents dust escaping into the atmosphere thereby protecting the health of your operators.

In contrast with certain low-cost sealing solutions, Metso’s conveyor sealing systems are made using a specially developed material, which is softer than that of the conveyor belt. This prevents grooves forming in the belt over an extended period of operation.

Instead of the belt material being worn down, the material in our sealing system is gradually and safely consumed over an extended period of operation.

How others have improved profitability and reduced risks?

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