Trellex Clamp-On

Coveyor sealing system

Neatly designed conveyor sealing system that is suitable for most common applications, safely sealing the area where the chute meets the conveyor.

Trellex Clamp-On conveyor sealing system's properties and features

Material properties

Made of foam PU, a material developed specially for this application, the product is delivered in blocks of two type of lengths. The PU material has lower wear properties than the belt itself, which means that there is no risk of grooves forming on the belt, even when used over extended periods. And when the PU starts to wear down, it is easy to readjust the position of the sealing system and keep the seal tight.

Special features

A laser-cut metal plate is screwed or welded to the chute wall. The foam PU blocks are then hooked onto the plate’s profile and clamped into position with a horizontal aluminium profile. To adjust their height, the clamps can just be released and the PU blocks manoeuvred into the new position. Where two PU blocks overlap, an overlapping Z- profile guarantees a tight seal.

Technical description

Material: 1. Foam PU
2. Galvanised steel 3. Aluminium
Hardness: 85 +/-5 Shore A
Density: 1.03 g/cm3
Colour: Black

Technical specifications

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