Tail pulley guards

Metso HiSafe

At the point where the belt meets the tail pulley, there is always a risk of operators or anyone else in the area accidentally getting their fingers or clothes trapped, and potentially suffering serious injuries. It is also possible that stones and debris can become wedged between the belt and pulley, causing serious damage to both. These issues can be avoided by blocking the danger zone with a V-shaped polyethylene barrier or tail pulley guard.

Metso HiSafe tail pulley guards

Material properties

The guard is in contact with the belt, but being made of low friction polyethylene, it doesn’t generate heat and is therefore gentle on the belt.

Special features

The tail pulley guard's primary purpose is to prevent operators’ fingers getting injured. 

The V-shaped guard also deflects stones like a material plough – resulting in extended belt lifespan and minimized risk of costly downtime.

Available for different belt widths, this is a standard item and therefore always available in stock. It is easy and convenient to install and can be adapted to fit different pulley lengths or site-specific conditions.

Technical description

Material: Steel and polyethylene
Belt width: 500 - 1200 mm

Technical Specifications

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