Trellex Cerlag

Conveyor pulley lagging

Suitable for use in the very worst weather or working conditions, the Trellex Cerlag is our top-of-the-line pulley lagging system. It will never let you down.

Trellex Cerlag conveyor pulley lagging properties and features

Material properties

Made of Trellex T60 combined with high-quality (92%) aluminium oxide ceramics, the product also has a contact layer for easy adherence to the pulley. Aluminium oxide ceramic is an extremely hardwearing material, which helps to improve grip. However, if the inserts have sharp edges, they can cause damage to the belt. To avoid this, we have chosen to make our inserts circular, thereby eliminating sharp edges. So your belt is safe, and you still get all the benefits of the material’s excellent grip and performance.

Special features

Delivered on a roll, the rubber/ceramic material can be cut to fit your exact pulley length. This reduces waste, since there are no offcuts, and gives good availability since you only need to keep one item in stock.

Technical description

Material: Wear Rubber 60 Shore A
Round ceramic tiles 90% AL2O3
Installation: By cold gluing

Technical Specifications

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