Trellex Griplag

Conveyor pulley lagging

A quality-engineered Trellex T60 pulley lagging system with a surface pattern of conical rubber knobs. The simple fastening system on this product means you can replace the pulley lagging without even having to remove the belt or pulley – thus saving both time and money.

Trellex Griplag conveyor pulley lagging's properties and features

Material properties

The design of the fastening system combined with the material’s surface pattern permit the Trellex T60 rubber pulley lagging to stretch. This gives it a superior ability to handle internal wear.

The pattern also naturally eliminates water from the surface of the material as the pulley rotates.

Special features

The Trellex Griplag pulley lagging system was first invented by Metso almost 40 years ago and is still one of our best-selling products in this category.

Metso sets the standard and still offers the most reliable ways to handle internal wear and protect your belt.

Fastened to the pulley on just one side (no glue needed), the pulley lagging is designed to flap freely up and down as the pulley rotates, easily shaking off any dirt from the surface.

It also helps that the rubber material is naturally flexible.


Technical description

Material: Wear rubber 60 Shore A
Fastening rail: S235JRG2
Screw: M6SF-TT 10 x 20 mm

Technical Specifications

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