Lifecycle Policy – Crushers

Lifecycle Policy – Crushers
Metso strives to provide the finest support possible, and Metso is known worldwide for superior products, service, spares and support. In an effort to concentrate on our clients’ needs, Metso will focus support scope for crushing products. This focus will help Metso and its partners, including distributors, supply chain, repair and service providers, and others to better serve crushing professionals.

Lifecycle Policy – Crushers

This improved focus will result in the end-of-support-life for a minimal group of products.

Metso’s Crusher products are separated into three support levels:

Professional Support – most Metso crushers; includes every Metso crusher designed in the last 25 years; parts, upgrades, services and support are available and often in stock. Metso actively designs and supplies upgrades and product revisions.

Professional Support is the standard Metso clients have enjoyed worldwide.

Extended Support – crushers reaching the end of useful life for most clients; crushers typically not delivered new for more than two decades. Support levels will be reduced: some spares will be limited to make-to-order; a minimal scope of parts, services, and support will no longer be available from Metso

End-of-Support-Life – crushers typically not delivered new for more than two decades; often, these are products for which Metso has assumed support in an effort to aid our partners and clients; Metso no longer intends to provide spares support and will not stock material.

Metso and its partners can be expected to decline requests for troubleshooting, spare parts identification, and similar inquiries for End-of-Support-Life crushers.

Metso crushers are assumed to be Professional Support unless otherwise identified. Models which are at End-of-Support will be updated and shared periodically.

Informational Policy
This policy is intended as accurate as of the date of posting. Metso must respond to changing market conditions and constantly seeks to better serve the needs of our clients. As such, this policy should be considered informational and subject to change.
List updated as of Jan 1 2020 - List will be periodically reviewed and updated as of Jan 1 2020