Innovative solutions for demanding filtering needs


Metso VPA filter cloths are tailor-made for each VPA filter type and designed for optimum productivity. We ensure our cloths match your filter’s requirements down to the smallest detail providing you with the best filtration results both technically and economically.

Our filter cloths are needled in monofilament or multifilament meshes.


  • Optimize performance
  • Perfect fit
  • Lower cake moisture
  • Higher capacity
  • Less fabric blinding
  • Longer lifetime
  • Clear color codes
  • On-site test filtration to optimize filter cloth performance
  • C-files, the first RFID-based filter cloth recording system in the world

As particles get finer the resistance against removing water increases.  Gravity dewatering can no longer be used, pressure has to be used. Vertical plate pressure filter VPA is based on the “air through-blow” dewatering concept, whereby water is displaced by air as it passes through a filter cake.

Filter cloths are suspended from tubular supports and hang between the filter plates. The high-capacity Metso VPA filter cloth ensures you get a clear filtrate and long lifetime regardless of your VPA filter model. Its slippery surface provides an excellent cake release, and its open structure helps you overcome blinding challenges.

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