No time to waste

We know how crucial it is for you to avoid unnecessary down-time with your M&J shredder. That is why we have everything you will need in stock and carry out orders at lightning speed.

As we all know, nothing lasts forever. Some parts are replaced as a matter of routine: for example, during a service check. Other parts wear slowly and must be checked on a regular basis. We are available to guide you, so you obtain the correct spare parts, and we are of course more than happy to help you replace them.

It is easy to order any spare part - either directly at our service department or through a local distributor who can instruct you.

Keep one step ahead

Regular service and checking the shredder’s wear parts will spare you negative surprises. We can nip most potential defects in the bud, so you can operate safely and avoid expensive repairs and downtime. To the right, there is a list of how we categorise spare parts.

Refurbishment of parts

Metso Waste Recycling offers repair and refurbishment services for all areas of your M&J shredder being it mechanical, hydraulic or electrical systems. Utilizing our intimate knowledge about your shredder we can offer an optimum repair and overhaul service to take your plant back to full productivity as quickly, safely and cost-efficient as possible. Our ability to renovate old parts is your guarantee of long life on your shredder.

Refurbishment in all shades

We offer overhauls of complete machines or single units such as press boxes or hydraulic cylinders, blade seat milling of scrap shears, adjustment of compactors and blade slides, exchange of wear parts and shredder rotors, repair or exchange of hydraulic and electronic components.

Emergency service

We are staffed around the clock - every day of the year. If your M&J shredder breaks down, we will be with you right away.

EMEA region: 0045 7626 6400

UK: 0 7341 885 554

US & Canada: 187-780-13232

China & APAC: +86 15 800 899 035

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