Here to make the big difference


Metso’s material technology experts have engineered a metal alloy that is optimized for metal shredding. Combined with rigorous lean manufacturing processes at our foundries, Metso has brought to the market a shredder hammer line that provides the lowest cost-per-ton for our customers. 


  • Optimized hammer hardness and design for higher efficiencies
  • Longer hammer lifetime and less frequent maintenance intervals resulting in reduced maintenance cost
  • Strategic heat treatment process to ensure the correct hardness of the alloy and a better tolerance for unshreddables -> less downtime

Keep it in shape

Crafted from a high-purity steel scrap, this results in a high-quality melt and composition for our outstanding hammer.

With strategic heat treatment to protect the ''sweet spot''

With the correct hammer profile for your rotor, the shredder will feed better since it grabs the material and pulls it in, resulting in a higher production rate over a longer period of the life of the hammer (it keeps the sweet spot longer).This alloy has a higher yield point than manganese (it deforms less); consequently, you can push its geometry and use a thicker hammer that will not jam in your rotor. This gives you a higher  striking force and improves material breakage and non-ferrous recovery.

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