Extract more from your pyro processing equipment


Metso can provide pyro parts to the original material specifications and tolerances. Those include: riding rings, filler bars, retaining components, drive components, internal refractories, chains, lifters, dams, carrying rollers, shells, carrying stations, thrust stations and satellite coolers. We take advantage of the latest designs and improvements. All of our parts are held to stringent OEM standards by our quality assurance group, and we stand behind what we supply 100%.

Upgrades can be as simple as making the old part out of better materials. As the OEM, we partner with our customers to offer quality replacement parts or improved designs that decrease maintenance and downtime as well as provide longer life of the part.


  • Prevent problems with perfect matching parts
  • Extend equipment uptime by using parts made with quality materials and latest designs
  • Incorporate latest technologies in underperforming equipment to improve its productivity

OEM spare parts for pyro processing equipment

We provide engineered to order pyro parts for previously sold OEM brands. We can also provide parts for selected third-party equipment. Metso is the sole owner of the original drawings and product specifications for pyro processing equipment and systems formerly marketed as:
  • Allis-Chalmers
  • Allis Mineral Systems
  • Boliden Allis
  • Joy Incineration
  • Kennedy Van Saun (KVS)
  • MPSI/Hardinge
  • Marconaflo/Dynajet
  • Mine & Smelter
  • Pyrotherm
  • Stansteel

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