Enable higher volume processing while minimizing the downtime


Our offering consists of the Trellex LS standard range and the Trellex 305PS range. The width and depth of our modular screening media means we can solve all your production challenges: availability, capacity, blinding and pegging.

Trellex LS and PS modular systems have been designed for dependable operation, with lightweight rubber or polyurethane modules and easy snap-on or pin-and-sleeve connections. The unique use of various materials coupled with modern and efficient production technology creates solutions and opportunities that deliver on your high expectations.


  • A complete and versatile product range for higher volume processing with minimal interruptions
  • High open area for improved performance
  • Prevents blinding and pegging for high availability and maximum capacity
  • Modular system - size and weight of modules provides an easy and safe installation
  • Reduces costs and downtime – modules can be changed individually
  • Easily adapted to all existing vibrating screens and media systems
  • Global coverage and a worldwide support network
Brochure: Trellex LS range (English - PDF 4299 Kb) Download
Brochure: Trellex LS range (German - PDF 4303 Kb) Download
Brochure: Trellex LS range (Polish - PDF 4322 Kb) Download
Brochure: Trellex LS range (Russian - PDF 4318 Kb) Download
Brochure: Trellex LS range (Spanish - PDF 4297 Kb) Download
Handbook: Metso screening media (English - PDF 9503 Kb) Download
Leaflet: Trellex 305PS (English - PDF) Download

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