Designed for round-the-clock operations in demanding applications


Metso screening media panel system offer round-the-clock operations maximum uptime and lowest cost-per-ton. The system consists of self-supporting screening panel with an integral steel and cord reinforcement vulcanized within each panel.

Trellex MP
Trellex MP offers you the best of two worlds by combining the flexibility of a modular panel system with exceptional strength and durability. Trellex MP is designed to manage high loads and deliver improved capacity through its optimized open area. The Trellex MP with skid bars improves the capacity even further and increases uptime as bigger lumps are lifted from the surface.

Trellex PCO
Trellex PCO is a custom-made rubber panel for demanding applications. Molded apertures with skid bars for increased wear life and capacity.


  • A complete and versatile product range for round-the-clock demanding applications
  • Maximum uptime and lowest cost per ton
  • Easily adapted to all existing vibrating screens and media systems
  • Core global range provides high availability and support worldwide
Handbook: Metso screening media (English - PDF 9503 Kb) Download

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