Minimized dilution, zero leakage


The BF and BA unique designs provide excellent results in all light to medium slurry. The ESF design seals satisfy the demand for advanced and reliable sealing solutions on even the heaviest of slurry applications typically found in mining applications.

The Metso EnviroSet is a total sealing solution developed together with A.W. Chesterton and made up of high quality packing with superior sealing capabilities and a unique, patented throat bushing specially engineered to transform and control the internal stuffing box environment in slurry pump equipment.

This sealing concept meets the increased sealing demands from our customers. Our focus has been to offer a sealing solution that:

  • Minimizes dilution of sealing water into product
  • Eliminates leakage to atmosphere
  • Increase life time of the seal by preventing slurry from entering the seal chamber
  • Allows easy conversion from box packing solutions to mechanical seal solutions


Slurry seals BF, single and BA, double:

  • Cartridge design to fit the Orion Series makes it easy to install into a new or retrofit pump application
  • Integral seal plate with "Plug-and-play" seal reduces cost and time of installation
  • Axial adjustment makes pump impeller to case clearance can be easily adjusted to optimize pump performance without face isolation
  • Single seal can be upgraded to double seals with minimal components added

Slurry seal ESF:

  • Designed to fit into the standard Orion Series pump flushed gland housing and for the VASA HD a convenient seal adaptor is used
  • Cartridge design makes it easy to install
  • Retrofit installations are quick and easy when converting a packed seal pump with "Plug-and-play"
  • O-ring mounted seal faces that can be replaced in the field without special tools reduces repair cost

Metso EnviroSet:

  • Reduced cost of operations and environmental impact
  • Extended packing life and reduced shaft sleeve erosion
  • Low leakage to atmosphere, fewer adjustments of gland follower and reduced wear rates on all components
  • Reduced operating cost and wear problems on existing pumps

We are the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for equipment manufactured under the following brand names, and are the only supplier of parts with the original drawings and design details for: Metso, SALA, Orion and Thomas slurry pumps.

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