Wear lining

Wear lining

Improve productivity by cutting downtime

Wear linings are protective covers installed in areas subjected to wear. They are widely utilized in mining, aggregates and cement industries processing hard materials that are tough on equipment. The right wear lining prolong the lifetime of equipment, improve material flow, reduce noise, and thus increase the production capacity.

Lining for any need

A wide range of different options and custom solutions.

Maximum productivity

High-quality construction, reliability, and ongoing innovation.

Latest materials and technology

Metal, rubber, polyurethane, ceramics, and combinations of different materials.

Do you know what a wear lining is, where it is used and how our unique solutions help you reach your targets?

Wear lining you can rely on

Wear linings, or wear liners as they are also called, are designed to maximize productivity and profit by keeping material flow up and maintenance time down.

Many mining, aggregates, and industrial applications process rocks and other abrasive materials that wear out equipment and parts. The main function of wear linings is to protect the assets and to provide sufficient wear resistance to satisfy maintenance requirements.

Wear lining for any need

Metso’s wear lining offering includes a wide range of liners and custom solutions designed to support customers in keeping the total cost per tonne down. Both ready-made liners and customizable solutions are developed especially for applications such as crushers, screens, feeders, chutes, spoons, spouts, skips, tanks, bins, tubs, hoppers, transfer points, silos, truck bodies, washing drums, pelletizing drums, concrete mixers, debarking drums or any other operation or area subjected to wear.

If you have a specific need in mind, just contact us. We will find you an optimal wear lining solution for your requirements.

Maximum productivity

Metso's wear linings are known for the quality of construction, dependability in the field and ongoing innovation. We have a team of experts in all aspects of wear lining solutions and customers often turn to us for information and recommendations relating to their wear lining challenges.

Being among the first companies supplying rubber and Poly-Cer as  well as metallic wear lining solutions to mining and aggregates industies has given us a unique and market leading position where Metso's two wear lining families, Trellex and Wearx, have become the industry standard that others compare themselves against

Today, Metso enters flexible and reliable partnerships with our customers to maximize productivity and uptime of their mining and aggregate operations. This goes beyond the cornerstones of production, supply and stockage of products.

We advise on the best possible configurations, proactively analyze all components of your operation to ensure that the wear lining solution maximizes production and minimizes downtime. At the same time we continue to innovate, improving wear lining materials and their construction in our ongoing quest to always offer our customers more productive options matched to their exact needs.

Partnering with Metso means having more options from the widest range of dependable wear lining solutions from a single source. This is coupled with the peace of mind of continuous support from a partner whose definition of success is how well we contribute to yours.

Latest materials and technology

With ongoing advancements in materials technology, so do innovations in applying them to wear linings. Metallic liners are still the most widely used lining material, but we believe that better results for today’s mining and construction operations can often be achieved by combining materials such as metals, rubber, polyurethane and ceramics – and taking full advantage of the best features of each.

Compared to standard grade steel wear plates, for instance, synthetic and composite wear linings offer outstanding wear life and noise reduction. High abrasion resistant cast liner options also give you flexibility in design and excellent abrasion resistant. Metso can design a wide range of tailored wear solutions to your operation, having access to a comprehensive range of lining options, all designed to lower costs and create a better working environment at your site.

Wear Lining and Sheeting Handbook
A toolbox for everyone interested in linings. Presents the possibilities and helps in selecting the optimal lining solution for your application.
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