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The Metso Demineralization Plant delivers high-quality process water with minimal manual intervention and maintenance. Reliable and efficient process modules are combined to create a customized system that can process a diverse range of impurities and feedstock qualities using Metso Outotec’s dissolved air flotation, polishing and sand filtration, softening, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and evaporation technologies.

• Consistently high-quality water for a variety of enduse applications
• Complete process based on proven technologies
• Fully automated to reduce operating costs
• Low maintenance requirements and excellent after-market care

demineralization plant

The starting point for every solution is a thorough analysis of the process requirements by our world-class water experts. Based on this analysis and indepth discussions with the customer, we can develop a concept that meets the requirements of their specific application.

The proposed concept is then modeled using our proprietary simulation software in order to verify its process performance and identify areas for optimization. The next step is to verify the suitability of the concept with lab testing before evaluating its technical and economic feasibility.

How the Metso Demineralization Plant works

Demineralization treatment is commonly used in the mining and metal industry for boiler feed and in other special application areas that use fresh water. All natural waters contain dissolved salts and minerals that are dissociated, forming charged ions that can lead to safety risks and production losses as a result of, for example, boiler feed water scaling. The Metso Demineralization Plant removes most if not all of these ionic impurities.

The first step is pre-treatment with Metso dissolved air flotation units, where soluble and insoluble particles are removed and the feed water is subject to polishing filtration as an additional safeguard. The demineralization step can be performed with reserve osmosis or ion exchange units.

The plant is fully configurable according to the customer’s process requirements and can be enhanced with complete dosing systems for treatment chemicals such as coagulants and flocculants and pressure and vacuum-belt filters for sludge handling.

To complement the core offering, Metso can provide a full range of complementary services including process assessment, laboratory and pilot scale testing and analysis, and remote monitoring and support.

demineralization plant
A Complete Industrial Water Treatment Solution

• Process water
• High-pressure boiler water
• Solvent extraction wash water
• Electrowinning scrubber water and makeup water

• Engineering and implementation
• Conceptual and feasibility studies
• Basic and detailed plant engineering
• Project implementation
• Life-cycle services including on-site services

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