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Take advantage of our pioneering thickening and clarifying methods with the Metso High Rate Thickener, including advances such as our leading feedwell technology and low-drag rake arms.

Metso High Rate Thickeners include a number of innovative features in design. Our Directional Autodil™ and Turbodil™ systems auto-dilute feed while optimizing performance and flocculant consumption. Our innovative Metso Vane Feedwell™ incorporates interconnected upper and lower zones to further improve performance.

  • Uses flocculation chemistry to dramatically increase settling rates
  • Consistent and high-density underflow
  • Good flocculation and feed distribution with our patented feedwell design
  • Automated operation
High Rate Thickener
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Typical applications

  • Mineral concentrates
  • Tailings
  • Counter Current Decantation circuits (CCD)
  • Pre and post-leaching duties
  • Mineral sands slimes
  • Metal precipitates

Vane Feedwell™

Feedwells are a significant factor in thickener performance. The cutting-edge design of the Vane Feedwell™ marks the first major innovation in the thickening and clarifying industry since the early 1990s.

One of the main design features is the interconnected upper and lower zones. The upper zone, into which feed, dilution water, and flocculant are added, provides enhanced mixing and energy dissipation. This maximizes flocculant adsorption, eliminates the possibility of material segregation, and ensures all particles are aggregated by the flocculant. Efficient operation is maintained in this upper zone over varying feed rates.

The lower zone promotes gentle mixing for continued aggregate growth, with the option for secondary flocculant dosing. This zone also enables the uniform discharge of aggregates under low shear conditions.

Directional Autodil™ feed dilution system

To decrease the level of feed solids prior to flocculation, we have developed a patented directional autodilution system that harnesses the natural head difference across the feedwell wall. This drives supernatant liquor into the feedwell, where slurry dilution, mixing, and flocculation take place. Autodilution ensures the density in the feedwell is within the optimum range for flocculation, irrespective of feed flow rate or density.

Turbodil™ feed dilution system

We have developed the patented Turbodil™ feed dilution system to provide an effective forced dilution scheme for alternative process requirements. The system uses a low head axial pump to drive dilution water into the feedwell.

Turbodil™ can help meet your requirements when:

  • The process requires further dilution of already low feed concentrations
  • High volumes of feed dilution flow are required to bring the incoming feed to the required density
  • Large variations in feed conditions are anticipated
  • Low slurry specific gravity differential exists between the feed slurry and the overflow liquor due to the particles in the slurry having a low specific gravity


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