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Pinch valves are the preferred solution for on/off and control applications for highly abrasive or corrosive liquids and slurries. We have, over decades, delivered pinch valves as part of our technology offering, particularly in minerals processing applications. We, however, continuously strive to improve our products and are now launching an improved generation design, with a range specializing in filtration applications.

Parts that perform better and last longer to help you reach your sustainability targets

Robust design


Manufactured with quality, heavy-duty materials

Ease of maintenance


The new design facilitates easier adjustments for faster sleeve change outs

Improved safety


No exposed moving parts on the lower half of the valve

Various materials available


Available in various materials to suite your application

  • Easier sleeve change
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Longer sleeve wear life
  • Increased sleeve material options
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Metso Larox pinch valves are recognized as an integral part of the smooth operation and high availability of the Metso Larox Filters, setting the industry standard. Our Larox pinch valve II has been specifically designed by filter experts, to meet the requirements in new filter equipment, at the same time being suitable for the broad installed base of previous generations.

The new valve generation is based on the same critical dimensions, excluding the protruding parts at the lower part of the valve for safety. Serviceability has been improved providing either an adjust free or easy-adjust sleeve changing procedure, for easier and faster sleeve change, reducing costs and downtime.

Our pinch valve II sleeves are now manufactured with a wider variety of materials to suit your application with a longer wear life. We are gradually replacing previous generations with our new pinch valve II valves and sleeves offering greater reliability and cost reduction.

Reliable, safe and cost-effective
Reliable, safe and cost-effective
  • Heavy duty actuators
  • Quick stroke-add plate
  • Improved sleeve life
  • Designed for faster sleeve change
  • No exposed moving parts on the lower half of the valve
Separating the best from the rest for more than four decades
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