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The life of your mill liner is critical to your productivity. Metso provides industry-leading mill relining services designed to meet your needs.

Why choose Metso?


Our professional service team can help reduce downtime and increase productivity.


Optimize your mill's performance, extend equipment lifetime and enhance sustainability.


Simplify and expedite the relining process with our team of trained service professionals.


Increase employee safety and maintenance efficiency with our trained services experts.


More than just being a contractor on mill reline projects, we are committed to being a value-adding partner.

  • Decreases shutdown time
  • Improves mill availability and sustainability
  • Improves liner utilization
  • Increases total productivity
Mill Reline Services
Mill liners optimized to meet your targets
Steel, Poly-Met™, Megaliner™, Rubber and Orebed™ mill liners for all mill types
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Our mill reline team of highly experienced professionals has an international reputation for the safe, process-oriented, and cost-effective relining of grinding mills. We focus on continuous improvement to significantly reduce reline downtime, enhance sustainability and offer the industry’s only registered training organization with the authority to issue certifications for reliner competence development.

  • Highest safety standards
  • Guaranteed work quality
  • Improved skills and competence for your team


Each mill relining project is tailored according to your specific needs, including factors such as mill type, mill size, and operational history. Our mill reline team specializes in mill liner changes, new installations, and decommissioning or dismantling of end-of-life equipment. The work scope can cover full or partial relines.

A full scope reline includes reline and shutdown planning, and a full crew offering execution, management, and production ramp-up.

We can also provide liner design optimization for more efficient and faster relines that deliver increased availability and reduce operational and maintenance costs.


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