Metso Full portfolio PF External CIP Washing System
The CIP-washing upgrade enables a high level of cleanliness by removing cumulated material in PF filter units in both the chemical and mining industry.

Upgrades that improve performance to help you reach your sustainability targets

Decreased water consumption


Adjustable, pressurized spray nozzles ensure quick cleaning

Increases lifetime of wear parts


Removes harmful build-up on filter cloths, bearings, rollers and plates

Improved safety


Removes harmful substances, slurry spills and solid materials on the filter

Automatic washing sequence


The washing sequence is automated and programmable according to application requirements


The PF external CIP washing system is a fixed spray bar system on the PF filter that operates in sequences during the filtration cycle or can be operated manually before maintenance to clean parts that are difficult to reach.

The CIP-washing upgrade is compatible with all PF filters.

  • Increases lifetime of wear parts
  • Uses an automatic washing sequence
  • Enables washing with chemicals
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Enables a cleaner working environment
  • Increases safety during maintenance work
pf external cip washing system

Accurate wash results with less water

Leaking collectors and cake discharge may cause solids build-up in the filter causing wear or damage to certain parts. The CIP-washing system removes build-up which increases the lifetime of filter cloths, bearings, rollers, and plates. Clean filters also decrease maintenance shutdowns and spare part consumption and increase operational safety.

Should an application use harmful material would need to be washed away from all surfaces. Maintenance on the filter unit is safer and more user-friendly when using the CIP-washing system as there are fewer slurry spills or solid material on the filter and maintenance platforms.

The functionality of a washing system

After the cake discharge, an automatic valve in the CIP-piping opens and the washing system turns on. The piping has been designed to operate at a pressure of 16 bar, although the average operating pressure is about 10 bar. There are several hundred adjustable spray nozzles in CIP-piping to ensure thorough cleaning of the entire filter.

The washing sequence can be automated or operator-controlled and programmable according to customer requirements. The washing time depends on the application and sump capacity on the floor. An average washing time ranges from 30 seconds to one minute.

The amount of water used is 300-800 L/min depending on filter size. When the CIP washing stage is complete, the filter automatically returns to standard operation.

The CIP-washing system is compatible with all standard installations of the following Metso Larox PF filters:

  • PF1.6
  • PF12
  • PF15
  • PF30
  • PF48
  • PF60
The upgrade scope includes:
  • CIP piping
  • Automatic valve
  • Pump unit
  • Software update
  • Engineering
  • Installation and commissioning

The PF external CIP washing system has different variations for all PF series filters.

Depending on the structure it can be used with the plate pack open or closed. Different frame sizes also influence the structure.

The upgrade scope includes:
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