Metso Full portfolio PF Filter Service Platform
In today’s competitive world there is a lot of pressure to improve the productivity of industrial processes without forgetting operational safety. The Metso PF Filter Service Platform enhances productivity by making maintenance easier and prolonging the availability and maintenance safety of Metso Larox® PF filters.

Filtration upgrades to help achieve your sustainability and production targets

Faster, easier maintenance
Increased filter availability
Improved safety
Minimized downtime
  • Faster, easier maintenance
  • Minimized downtime
  • Increased filter availability
  • Increased safety

Performing maintenance on the filter requires access over the front and rear cake chutes.  This is currently performed by erecting scaffolding which takes about 6 hours to assemble and a further 2 hours to disassemble.  Planning beforehand is also required as well as additional scaffolding crew before the maintenance can take place.  The maintenance procedure requires the filter to be shut down for at least 10 hours leading to production losses.

The design of our service platform decreases maintenance time and labour drastically with the following features:

  • Designed for quick and easy installation on the open end and bifurcated sides of the cake chute.
  • Installation of the platform takes 30 minutes
  • Closer proximity for operators to conduct maintenance and inspections
  • Reduces chances of injury as accessing the deals, diaphragms, vat collectors, seal, rollers, and grease points are quicker and easier to reach.
  • Platform height is adjustable, lockable and features a circular cage around the ladder and rail for additional safety
  • The bridge is hinged and can be vertically parked out of the way of the cake being discharged


  • Engineering
  • Service platforms
  • Documentation
  • Installation (optional)
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