Metso Full portfolio PF High Pressure Cloth Wash
Efficient cloth washing is a crucial step in the filtration process as it helps to prevent cloth clogging. However, traditional fan spray wash systems are not always efficient enough. Our PF high-pressure cloth wash reduces cloth clogging and prolongs the lifetime of the cloth.

Filtration upgrades to help achieve your sustainability and production targets

Up to 20% increased cloth lifetime


Reduced cloth clogging increases cloth lifetime

Up to 2% capacity improvement


Declogging cloths increases capacity

Increased filter uptime


Prolonged cloth lifetime reduces cloth change frequency and downtime

Enhanced filter performance


Additional high-pressure (up to 120 bar) fan nozzles improve cake washing

  • Reduces cloth clogging
  • Increases filter performance
  • Prolongs filter cloth lifetime
  • Reduces filter downtime
  • Increases cloth lifetime by up to 20%
  • Increases capacity by up to 2%
  • Offers a short payback period – typically less than one year
pf high pressure cloth wash

  • Conventional cloth washing systems wash the filter cloth after each cycle with 6 to 16 bar water pressure
  • Metso’s improved high pressure cloth wash offers an additional wash system using fan nozzles with up to 100 bar pressure
  • One high pressure pump unit can serve up to four filters
  • High pressure spray bars are installed near the existing low pressure spray bars
  • We have several references globally as part of new filter deliveries or modernization projects

  • Pump unit (20–100 bar)
  • Spray bars
  • Engineering
  • Piping to the pump unit
  • Advisory services
  • Inverter control (optional)
  • Commissioning (optional)
  • Maintenance agreement (optional)


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