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This versatile technology can be used for smelting and converting various primary and secondary raw materials such as concentrates, copper scrap, anode slimes, and e-waste. The process utilizes a top-blown rotary converter and Metso PM Kaldo Furnace equipped with advanced charging and off-gas systems for a very compact plant layout and high operational flexibility.

  • Produces a high recovery of valuable metals    
  • Lowers operating and maintenance costs    
  • Offers high process flexibility    
  • Contributes to versatile and efficient operations    
  • Allows a compact plant layout
pm kaldo process

The batch process starts with the charging of material to the furnace. Depending on the process and raw materials to be charged, this is achieved in different ways. Heating and converting are performed by introducing a water-cooled burner and converting lances.

When the processing is finished, the furnace is tilted to pour the slag and alloy to ladles located on a ladle transfer car below the furnace. The process is very compact and fully encapsulated, making it possible to ventilate the whole section to the bag filter and prevent stray emissions. The Metso PM Kaldo Process is a well-established solution installed in over 20 applications worldwide.


  • Very flexible top-blown rotary converter technology for processing a variety of materials    
  • Commonly used for treating copper anode slimes and other materials containing precious metals    
  • Burner fuel type can be selected according to customer requirements    
  • Operated in batches
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