Customized, fit-for-purpose mill parts and components that aim to improve the reliability of your machine. From a parts supplier to a full-service partner, Metso is here to support you, no matter the brand of your grinding mill.

Why choose Metso grinding mill parts?

OEM quality 

Applying the strictest standards and tolerances for guaranteed safety and reliability


Over 100 years of experience designing and supplying hard-working equipment and parts


With 150 distribution centers worldwide, we supply parts where and when you need them

End-to-end solutions

From original to third party to installation, we can support any equipment type

Render of Metso ball mill
Metso grinding mill parts

Metso has a proven history of designing, manufacturing, and servicing grinding mills and components. Our extensive range of global expertise allows us to be a flexible service partner for mill sustainability. We can fulfill standard and customized parts and component orders for: 

  • Heads
  • Shells
  • Gears and pinions
  • Main bearings
  • Trunnions
  • Trunnion liners
  • And more!
Grinding mill head

Material: cast ductile iron or cast steel
Design standard: Metso FEA
Segments: one, two, three, or four
Type: feed/discharge, fixed/floating, integral with the trunnion




Render of Metso grinding mill head
Render of Metso grinding mill shell
Grinding mill shell

Material: fabricated steel (welded)
Design standard: Metso FEA
Sections: integral, two or three cans
Segments: one, two, or three-piece




Gears and pinions

Material: cast ductile iron, cast steel, fabricated steel
Design standard: AGMA 6014 for open gearing
Section structure: T or Y design
Segments: two-piece or four-piece gears
Upgrade options: drop-in pinion assembly, gear guard and components, gear spray infrared monitoring system

Our gear and pinion services include:

Read more here >>

Render of Metso grinding mill gear and pinion
Render of Metso grinding mill main bearing
Grinding mill main bearings

Material: fabricated steel (welded)
Type: hydrostatic or hydrodynamic (sleeve/pad), fixed or floating
Design standard: Metso FEA
Upgrade options: bearing insert (bronze, babbitt), seals, temperature monitoring systems, lubrication unit



Grinding mill trunnions

Material: cast ductile iron
Design standard: Metso FEA
Type: feed or discharge, fixed or floating



Render of Metso grinding mill trunnion
Render of Metso grinding mill trunnion liner
Grinding mill trunnion liners

Material: cast iron or fabricated steel
Wear material: vulcanized rubber lined or lifter and plate style replaceable bolt in
Type: feed or discharge

Learn more about Metso's grinding mill liners >


Contender Series for non-Metso mills
In addition to supplying high-quality parts for Metso equipment, we also have a long history in servicing non-Metso machines, from grinding mills and crushers to conveyors and beyond. The Contender™ Series is our newest line of premium spare parts for non-Metso grinding mills. The line includes grinding mill heads, shells, gears and pinions, main bearings, trunnions, trunnion liners, and more for select machines.
For certain designated parts, additional enhancements have been made for increased safety, reliability and sustainability. Examples include correcting OEM design flaws and using improved materials for cost savings and longer life.
Contender Series grinding mill gear and pinion for non-Metso grinding mill
mill feed chute
Mill Feed Chute Solution
For reduced downtime, improved safety and simplified access.
Polymer HSB System
The Polymer Hydrostatic Shoe Bearing (HSB) system significantly improves radial and axial bearing reliability and longevity.

Optimizing your mill parts

When was the last time you evaluated your parts supply? Metso is continuously upgrading designs and collaborating with customers to optimize the use of spare parts. Together we can explore new fabrication and material options to achieve your specific goals including:

  • Achieve better cost efficiencies
  • Increase production or capacity
  • Simplify the part replacement process
  • Reduce maintenance and downtime
  • Improve safety and increase sustainability

Metso experts are available to perform equipment and parts audits to uncover potential areas of improvement. Additionally, as operating conditions change, we can help you put a customized improvement plan in place.

Many brands, many applications

More for your grinding mill


From quick visual and vitals to detailed custom inspections for your mill and its key components.


With a team of over 1,500 global field service experts, we can carry out planned repairs and are extremely responsive in emergency situations.

Retrofits and upgrades

Your existing assets have the potential to take on significant improvements. We can support you from identifying retrofit options to implementation.

Life Cycle Services

Custom service packages focusing on parts supply and inventory, maintenance, process optimization and more.

Discover Metso's services for grinding mills >


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