A dynamic solution to dry separation of ultrafine materials


  • Variable speed drive to control product size (electric or manual)
  • Classification with minimal maintenance


  • Ability to handle feed rates from 0.1 – 200 Tons/Hour (dependent upon the desired cut point and material density)
  • Products of 99.99% passing 44 microns (325 mesh) with an average particle size of 5 microns or finer are obtainable for ultrafine applications
  • Abrasion resistant plate or ceramic lining available for highly abrasive applications

Closed or open dry grinding

Gyrotor air classifiers are intended to be integrated into a conventional closed or open dry grinding circuit.  They also can be utilized in a classification only system with cyclone, fabric filter, fan, and rotary air locks.

Speed controls product size

Material is introduced by an airstream travelling vertically into the bottom of the Gyrotor Air Classifier.  As the material travels upward through the Gyrotor, it is subjected to centrifugal forces induced into the air stream by a vaned, rotating element.  The speed of the rotating element controls the product size.  The coarser particles (oversize) are thrown out of the air stream and fall by gravity along the casing of the unit to an oversize discharge.  The finer material (product) remains in the air stream and is conveyed to product collectors.

Gyrotor range
Available sizing range

from 0.1 - 200 Tons/Hour


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