Metso's MHC™ Series Hydrocyclone provides exceptional efficiency for optimized performance


Metso’s new MHCTM Series hydrocyclones deliver a high unit capacity and exceptional separation efficiency for a wide range of classification duties.

  • Optimized process performance
  • Superior wear component design
  • Improved ease of maintenance

Check out a more visual representation of Metso's MHC™ Series Hydrocyclone in a 3D animation.


  • Improved inlet head design reduces turbulence
  • Increased unit capacity and reduced liner wear
  • The entire conical section is constructed into a single rigid component
  • Sharp particle separation at a low cost
  • Increased wear life and improved ease of maintenance keeps downtime to a minimum

New inlet head design for increased capacity

The internal geometry of the MHCTM Series has been developed in coordination with Metso’s world-class simulation and modeling scientists. Through the use of advanced CFD and DEM tools, Metso developed a new inlet head design that delivers increased unit capacity while minimizing liner wear.


Manifold design for accurate distribution

Metso designed its radial hydrocyclone manifolds to accurately distribute the feed and collect the underflow and overflow from multiple hydrocyclones operating in parallel. Wear-resistant linings are incorporated into the feed distributor, as well as the overflow and underflow launders. Metso’s hydrocyclone manifolds incorporate all required work platforms with special attention to safe access for monitoring, sampling and maintaining the hydrocyclones.

Technical data
 Model nameDiameter (mm)
MHC-100 100
MHC-150 150
MHC-250 250
MHC-375 375
MHC-500 500
MHC-650 650
MHC-800 800
MHC™ Series Hydrocyclone Brochure - English Download
MHC™ Series Hydrocyclone Brochure - Russian Download
Metso's MHC™ Series Hydrocyclone 3D animation Download

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