Minimize risk of system failure


By installing the Metso offline oil filter and keeping the oil clean, the majority of all problems related to contamination can be prevented.

Applying the Metso offline oil filter to your crusher, will give you the following benefits:

• increased uptime for production machinery
• extended oil lifetime
• keeping the oil clean
• low consumption of lubricants
• savings in inline filters
• extended service life for crusher & lubrication components
• less system failures due to purified oil in the system

Oil is continuously kept clean and free of contamination.


Metso Offline oil filters for heavy duty stationary crushers and Lokotrack® mobile crushing plants



  • Avoid 80% of all system failures - clean oil increases equipment reliability
  • Maximum uptime of your equipment - with clean oil
  • Cost saving in oil changes - Extended oil lifetime
  • Savings in inline filters - Keeping the oil clean

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