Efficient mobile and stationary conveying with less energy

Conveyors are designed to be safe to use, easy to maintain and to significantly increase the cost-efficiency and eco-friendliness of your application. They are built from high quality materials, based on extensive testing and over a 100 years of engineering experience. Metso’s conveyor offering includes stationary conveyors such as chain conveyors, en-masse conveyors, roller conveyors, reciprocating conveyors, and wide belt conveyors, as well as mobile conveyors.

Lower energy consumption

Better performance with more efficient energy and resource usage.

Durable build

Designed for long-service life so you can keep downtime to a minimum.

Reduced total costs

Lower capital and operational costs by replacing your conventional set-up with conveyors.

Increased operator safety

Reduce risks and keep operators safe.

A range of versatile conveyors to fit your set-up

Conveyors play a crucial role in any mining, aggregates or industrial operation. Metso mobile and stationary conveyors give you the option of flexibility in movement, increased discharge height, greater capacities and ranges of motion.

In addition to equipment, we also have an array of different parts, accessories, services, and other optional features to further improve operational efficiency.

Our experts will work with you to configure conveyors to your specifications and offer support from implementation to operation.

Lower energy consumption

The relative smaller size of most our conveyor models leads to less power and resource consumption.

Some models are able to replace two or more separate machines, which further decreases power consumption and your total operating costs.

Conveyors are a more ecological and cost-efficient alternative to dump trucks, so using a combination of stationary and mobile conveyors lowers your overall energy needs even more.

Durable build for a long service life

Conveyors operate in demanding conditions involving dust and dirt, heat, moisture and variable temperatures. Metso's conveyors are built robustly to withstand any of those situations. Maintenance is also made quick and easy with conveniently positioned wear and spare parts to decrease costly downtime.

Reduced total costs

Replace several conventional set-ups with a single conveyor to dramatically reduce initial capital costs. Further cost-savings come from lower power consumption when compared with conventional set-ups and reduced downtime thanks to a quick and easy maintenance process.

Increased operator safety

Safety is important, which is why Metso conveyors are built to reduce dust and minimize risks with covered moving parts. Our mobile conveyors especially help improve overall safety by replacing dump trucks to reduce overall traffic and exhaust gas emissions. They can also be quickly and easily relocated to a safe distance from blasts at the quarry face.

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