Full mobility with Lokolink conveyors


Lokolink™ conveyors are designed to link the Lokotrack primary crushing unit to further processing stages in mine and quarry operations. Lokolink conveyors carry the material crushed by the primary unit directly, or through a field conveyor, to secondary crushing.

Lokolink conveyors are able to follow the primary unit as it moves along the quarry face. The mobile conveyors can be easily moved to a safe distance from the face for blasting. Each conveyor can be moved individually or as a combination of two or three sections using Lokotrack LT or other mobile equipment normally present at the quarry.

The mobility and flexibility of the Lokolink conveyors ensure that production is interrupted for as short a time as possible when the Lokotrack and conveyors are moved at the face or away for blasting. Replacing dump truck haulage with the Lokotrack & Lokolink belt conveyor system can achieve very substantial savings in operating costs. Once the material has been crushed, belt conveying is by far the most cost efficient way of transporting  the material. Eliminating the haulage fleet means lower levels of dust and exhaust gas emissions. A further benefit is the improved work safety.


  • Full mobile
  • Fast relocation at quarry face
  • Low operating cost
  • Less traffic in the quarry
  • Improved safety
  • Less dust and exhaust gas emissions

Process overview

Lokolink mobile conveying system conveys the primary crushed product from Lokotrack to the fixed field conveyor. Radial wheels allow fast relocation by the bench.

How it works

Lokolink mobile conveying system consists of two or three conveyor modules and a discharge hopper. The first conveyor module is connected to the primary Lokotrack which gives the electric power for the Lokolink’s belt conveyors and hydraulic system. Turning wheels between the conveyor modules can be set in radial position which is ideal for short relocations of the Lokotrack, or used to steer the whole system longer distances by the bench, along the field conveyor, or even to different level.

Discharge hopper is equipped with pan feeder which discharges the material onto the field conveyor. The hopper is typically mounted on rails so that it can be moved along the field conveyor.

Lokotrack primary plants compatible with Lokolink mobile conveying system are LT130E, LT150E, LT160E, LT200E, LT1418E, and LT1620E.

Lokotrack® mobile crushing and screening plants - English Download
Lokotrack® Mobile Brech- und Siebanlagen - German Download
Lokotrack® groupes mobiles de broyage et de criblage - French Download
Lokotrack® Liikuteltavat murskaus- ja seulontalaitokset - Finnish Download
Lokotrack® Mobila krossar och mobila siktar - Swedish Download
Lokotrack® plantas móviles de trituración y cribado - Spanish Download
Lokotrack® Impianti mobili di frantumazione e vagliatura - Italian Download
Lokotrack® мобильные дробильно- сортировочные комплексы - Russian Download
Lokotrack® 移动式破碎筛分站 - Chinese Download
Lokotrack® 移動式破砕機&スクリーンプラント - Japanese Download

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