Creates a uniform bed of pellets for consistent feed to the straight grate or grate kiln.


  • Heavy duty steel design.
  • Drive pulleys lagged with thick vulcanized rubber for durability.
  • Return idlers, the rubber disc type, with wide end discs or disc grouping at each end of roll so to prevent belt edge from becoming caught between discs.
  • CEMA Series E6 rated picking idlers for all carrying idlers.
  • Belt cleaning and protection with a spring tensioned metal angle belt wiper.


  • Accurate speed and stroke regulation optimize the overall process
  • Rugged, robust conveyor – tremendous durability.
  • Consistent and reliable product output.

How it works

Reciprocating conveyors receive unfired green ball pellets from the balling disc belt conveyor and by means of varying the speed of the reciprocating head and belt, it spreads a relatively even layer of green balls on the wide belt for proper firing of the pellets.

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