Facilitates gentle transfer of green pellets to the indurating process


  • Heavy duty design.
  • Drive pulleys lagged with thick herringbone vulcanized rubber for durability.
  • Carrying idlers on removeable frames. 
  • Rubber disc type return idlers employ wide end discs on each end of the roll.


  • Rugged, robust conveyor – tremendously durable and dependable.
  • Improved product quality
  • Increased product volume
  • Carrying idlers easily accessable for inspection and maintence.
  • Minimized edge damage to belt.

How it works

The wide belt conveyor receives unfired green ball pellets from the reciprocating conveyor across the entire length of the conveyor for more uniform firing of the pellets.  The wide belt then proceeds to transfer the pellets to a roller conveyor prior to the indurating machine.

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